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Though I had a custom home, my closets were anything but custom. With the exception of two built-in drawer systems, the master bedroom closet consisted of standard white wire shelving with space below to hang clothes and a couple of wire shoe racks. Everything stored on the shelves had to be stacked about two feet high. There was a lot of wasted hanging space because the rods were all hung at the same level. I stacked boxes and lots of other items under the clothes racks and put shoes on top of each other to make them fit. Jewelry was in drawers, the bathroom and the bedroom. I had to move many things to find whatever I needed on a given day.

Leslie, owner of Alpha Closets, changed all that for the better. She reviewed everything I had in my closet and made outstanding suggestions for what might be more appropriate in another area of my home and how the closet could be remodeled to hold alot more in an amazingly useable and efficient manner. What she came up with was nothing short of a miracle! She designed a space for first aid, vitamins and personal hygienne items that is enclosed for privacy, a space for lingerie and small jewelry that is secure, a wall for larger jewelry pieces such as necklaces and belts, a shoe system that holds three times as many shoes and all are visible, a wall system for hats, scarves, bathing suits and belts for ease in selection, divided solid storage shelves to hold cameras, shorts, summer tops, tee shirts with long shelves above to hold comforters, pillows, etc., two drawer units with small shelves between to hold lotions, sunscreen, sunglasses, keys, etc then a space for the vacuum and the secondary alarm system then a space for sundries then a wall to house the support system for the bedroom television and sound system so that the only item housed in the bedroom is the plasma TV then a wall size mirror with small bench. I never dreamed so much could be fitted in so little space with such accessibility. I feel like I could almost live in my closet!!

Leslie also redid both guest room closets with touches like a valet to hang clothes for the next morning and small locking drawers for guest to store their valuables and plenty of hanging space and room to store suitcases, extra linens and extra towels. It's great for guests and I don't have to show them where everything is located when they arrive. It is there for them to see.

Leslie's ideas are practical, affordable and tailored to each person's individual lifestyle. She is easy and fun to work with and I wouldn't use anyone else for closets, pantries, garages, home offices or any other area where storage and accessibility are critical